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Doris A. Howell Foundation   858-454-7797
for Women's Health Research
PMB 320, 7514 Girard Ave. #1
La Jolla, CA 92037
Donation Level
Amount (USD)
Friend of Howell - SCHOLARSHIP
$ 4000.00
Friend of Howell - PATRON
$ 1000.00
Friend of Howell - BENEFACTOR
$ 500.00
Friend of Howell - SUSTAINER
$ 250.00
Friend of Howell - SUPPORTER
Please note the new minimum level to be recognized as a ''Friend of Howell'' has increased from $125 to $150.
$ 150.00
Other Donation Amount
We gladly accept donations in any denomination.

Anyone who gives $150 or more is automatically considered a ''Friend of Howell''. A Friend of Howell is one of the Foundationís core supporters that help us carry out our mission. Your Friend of Howell donation supports:
-Howell Scholars Program
-Community Engagement Initiative
-Educational programs and events

Thank you for your support!

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