Dallas Animal Advocates

Dallas Animal Advocates   214-530-0198
P.O. Box 794073   rpoling1@swbell.net
Dallas, Texas 75379
Donation Level
Amount (USD)
Creature Comforts Campaign benefitting Dallas Animal Services pets
Your donation will go towards purchasing Kuranda beds for the needy pets at Dallas Animal Services. Each bed costs $52 - $92, but all donations are welcome. 
Neighborhood Advocates
We have met some pretty amazing Dallas residents who live in areas with an abundance of unwanted dogs and cats. They have been caring for them for years out of their own pocket. Your donation will go towards the purchase of much needed food and other supplies for these unsung heros in our community!  Thank you for your help!
Dallas Animal Services
Your donation will go towards providing supplies (bedding, toys, treats and more) for the animals at Dallas Animal Services and continuing education program for the staff.
General Donation
This donation will be used where it is most needed.
Heartworm Fund
This donation will be earmarked specifically to support our heartworm fund which provides funding for heartworm treatments to heartworm positive dogs at Dallas Animal Services and special cases from the community.
Fence Program
This donation will go towards supplies needed to build fences for tethered dogs whose owners cannot afford one. These dogs live their lives on a short tether or chain to keep them confirm. Fences provide them far more freedom and a happier life.
Memorial Donation
To honor the life of a loved one that has passed. Your kind donation will be applied to the area of greatest need at the time of donation.
Dallas Companion Animal Project
The official task force appointed by the City of Dallas to guide the community toward increasing programs to end the killing of adoptable homeless animals.
DCAP Crossroads Community Center Project
Dallas Companion Animal Project's Crossroads Project provides pet food and free and low-cost veterinary care low-income families registered with Crossroads through the Stew Pot in downtown Dallas. Our goal is to help pet owners with limited financial means better care for their pets, thereby helping keep pets in their homes and out of area shelters and rescues.
The Lucy Fund
The Lucy Fund provides financial assistance to qualified low-income Dallas residents who need help to be able to afford veterinary care for a pet in a life-threatening emergency situation, such as illness or injury. The goal of the fund is to keep   pets in homes and out of local shelters and rescue groups. Requests for assistance will be taken on a case by case basis and all applicants will be carefully screened.