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Click any image below to view actual screen shots from inside PrestoDonate's donation management system.

Click here to view a working sample PrestoDonate donation form.

Creating/Modifying Donation Forms:
  Create, modify and maintain any number of hosted donation forms. 
  Upload a custom logo image for each donation form. 
  Return donors directly to your web site from each donation form. 
  Receive your donation confirmations at multiple e-mail addresses. 
  Customize your donation confirmation message and e-mail subject. 
  Change the font and add colors to exactly match your web site.
  Add optional sales tax fees based on any incentive offering ordered.
  Add optional handling fees based on several factors.
  Setup custom fields to capture additional donor information.
  Create information links that appear throughout the donation process.
Adding/Modifying Donation Levels: 
  Create, modify and maintain any number of donation levels.
  Change item names, descriptions and amounts as often as needed.
  List incentive offerings available from the same donation form.
  Add shipping fees based on any incentive offerings ordered.
  Allow open ended "other amount" donation levels.
  Upload images to represent your donation levels and incentive offerings. 
  Capture separate "delivery address" if incentive offering is ordered.
  Setup custom fields to capture additional donor information.
Processing Donations:
  All donation information is processed securely on our servers.
  Donation information stored privately and securely for 12 months.
  Securely view complete donation information at anytime.
  Sort and find donation records by donation number, donor name, or date.
  Add comments to each donation for future reference.
  Remove ("Hide") donation records from system's main view.
  Download your donation data to a comma-delimited spreadsheet file.
Processing Donor Payments: 
  Use your existing credit card merchant account at no additional fee.
  Integrate your existing merchant account for online transactions.
  Use PayPal to process donor payments.
  Accept mailed checks or money orders (a "pledging" option).


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